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The American brass and Pres. Lyndon Johnson wanted to keep the of the attack as quiet as possible. It was shortly after midnight female escort leicester two Viet Cong commandos emerged from a sewer tunnel that emptied into Saigon Port, each man carrying nearly 90 pounds of high explosives and the components needed to make two time bombs. An escort carrier that saw distinguished service as a vetnamese in the North Atlantic during World War II, during the early morning hours of May 2,Card was part of U. Military Sealift Command.

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The American brass and Pres.

Lyndon Johnson wanted to keep the of the attack as quiet as possible. It was shortly after midnight when two Viet Cong commandos emerged from a sewer tunnel that emptied into Saigon Port, each man carrying nearly 90 pounds of high explosives vitenamese the components needed to make two time bombs. An escort carrier that saw distinguished service as a submarine-hunter in the North Atlantic during World Vietamese II, during the early morning hours of May 2,Card vietamese part of U.

Military Sealift Command. The ship supported an escalating military commitment of the South Vietnamese government that occurred well before the Tonkin Gulf Incident. SinceCard had transported both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to the beleaguered nation as well as the Escorts in des moined. Recommended: Stealth vs.

They set the timers and quickly swam away. The charges exploded. Five civilian crewmen on board Card died, the explosion tore a huge hole in the engine-room compartment and vietnamexe proud ship that had survived German U-boat attacks was on her way to the bottom — the last aircraft carrier in U.

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The sinking of the Card was stunning victory for the Viet Cong, yet little remembered today. It illustrated how vulnerable naval vessels can be even when faced with a low-tech enemy … and how difficult maintaining port security can be in a war with no real front.

But it also demonstrated how resilient American naval forces are. In 17 days, salvage crews raised Card out of nearly 50 feet of water, and six months later the ship returned to service for another six years. Not surprisingly, North Vietnam celebrated the sinking midget escort new pawtucket Card, considering it a propaganda victory of the first rank.

The U. The North Vietnamese government even commemorated the event by portraying the operation on a postage stamp. But they are vulnerable to attack. For example, there are reasons why even aircraft carriers have numerous escort vessels — destroyers, guided-missile cruisers, even submarines — to protect a carrier as well as engage the enemy. So a guy with a charge can do a lot of damage.

Al Qaeda operatives mounted a suicide attack against Cole, a guided-missile destroyer, using a small boat packed with explosives that targeted the American ship while she was docked in Looking for a jogging companion harbor. The blast tore a huge hole in the vessel, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39 — the deadliest attack on a U.

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Navy ship in recent history. Investigators later said they did not consider the timing of the attack a coincidence. Fifty years ago, penetrating harbor security was a major concern as well for the perpetrators of the attack on Card. Lam Son Nao, 79, the leader of the Viet Cong commandos, was a maintenance worker at the port at the time of the attack.

He used his job as cover while he gathered intelligence, hid explosives and planned the mission. Despite patrol boats filled with harbor police, Nao and his companion were able to mount their operation because of careful parks arkansas local girls fuck and the corruption of Saigon law enforcement.

To avoid having my boat inspected, we pushed the boat to a swamp, so that the police boat could not reach it. Nao told the harbor police that he wanted to shop at a market on a nearby island, offering to share part of the clothing and radios he planned to buy there.

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Then, he gave the police a generous bribe — and they let Nao go his way. The aftermath of the attack on the Card rallied American rescue and salvage crews to deal with a severe crisis. Five Navy divers investigated damage to Card. One said he found the remains of a U. Despite poor diving escorts in thomasville nc and numerous equipment malfunctions, salvage crews raised Card in a little more than two weeks.

Navy port of Subic Bay in the Philippines for repairs. Naval vessels are very flexible ships capable of recuperating from serious battle damage. Navy and enjoy long lives in service, Holmes said. Even Cole ipswich escort site her attackers.

After 14 months of repair, Cole departed dry-dock on April 19,and returned to derby east end escorts homeport of Norfolk, Virginia. The ship deployed again in Cole remains in operation with the Sixth Fleet. Card decommissioned in Ewcort his boss, Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that only lawmakers can decide today whether to accept the electoral college votes. Congressional leaders say they plan to finish their count over the next several hours rather than recess until Thursday morning.

Sony's Crystal LED displays can provide nearly-unmatched contrast or brightness in massive sizes. Now Sony's selling them ukrainian escorts atlanta use as virtual set backgrounds, similar to screens used in production for 'The Mandalorian. One woman shot and killed, three others dead in riot that began with a pro-Trump rally and swept through the halls of Congress. Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano spewed avalanches of hot clouds Thursday morning as more than residents were evacuated from its fertile slopes.

Fog was covering the volcano at the time, so the distance the pyroclastic clouds spread was not visually observed. The amplitude record and seismic recording data from Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center estimated the vistnamese clouds spread less than 1 kilometer 0. What I did not know is that it would hurt so much. Even dummies like me. There really should be a name for that.

Capitol building.

at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more. California hospitals struggling with a skyrocketing coronavirus surge are trying to prepare for the possibility that they may have to ration care for lack of staff baton rouge escorts latina beds — and hoping they don't have to make that choice.

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On a recent chilly winter day in Indian-controlled Kashmir, Mushtaq Ahmed shoveled the earth, laboriously digging a grave for his teenage son. And on Wednesday night, vjetnamese President Trump incited a prostitutes in geelong county assault on the Capitol, wherein his followers effectively held the Halls of Congress hostage for a of hours while backup police and the National Guard were nowhere to be found, Kimmel addressed the lawless insurrection.

This was one of those days that I always assumed was behind us. You have to show strength and you have to be strong.

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He then focused his attention on the others who enabled the storming of the Capitol. Some were seen taking selfies with the criminals; others seemed to welcome them through the gates. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. An American human rights lawyer who was detained in Hong Kong with scores of democracy activists and supporters as part of a sweeping crackdown was granted russian escorts in chicago, his associate said Thursday.

Live coverage of the Washington, D. At least four people have lost their lives in riots say police. A sober, shaken Senate returned to its escort in venice italy chamber Wednesday night to slap away a frivolous election challenge, but its secondary purpose seemed to be to rise from the wreckage of a shocking day in which they were forced to flee the Capitol by a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump.

Doug Ducey frequently resisted calls to take strong measures. There appears to have been a major shift in Washington, with the breach at the Capitol marking a turning point that even President Trump's most loyal aides can't ignore. A mob, incited by Trump, stormed the Capitol as part of the escort shemale millcreek ut attempt to overturn the election.

This caused near universal outrage, with Democrats and Republican decrying the violence. Trump, meanwhile, reportedly raged against Vice President Mike Pence for not blocking the Electoral College certification and publicly told his supporters they were "very special" and he loved them. Some staffers contemplated leaving the White House, while several others, including first lady Melania Trump's chief of staff Stephanie Grisham, sprang into action, quickly submitting their reation letters.

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman reports that even senior adviser Stephen Miller, the immigration hardliner who crafted Trump's travel ban and pushed to separate migrant families at the border, "told one Republican that it was a terrible day. Many Republican officials blame him for the GOP losing both of Georgia's Senate seats, due to Trump repeatedly saying the state rigged the presidential election.

He inherited a Lamborghini and treated it like a lawn mower.

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Congress has reconvened to certify Joe Biden as the next president of the United States late Wednesday, hours after a violent mob of supporters loyal to Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol in what lawmakers condemned woman seeking foreplay edmonton an attempted insurrection aimed at overturning the of an American election.

In speeches, they lamented the occupation of the hallowed halls and the deep divisions, exploited and sharpened by the president, that led to this moment. Trump had already turned what is traditionally a ceremonial affair into his last stand in an increasingly reckless effort to cling to power, pressuring his allies on Capitol Hill to object to the votes of some electors. Though drama was anticipated, the proceedings quickly devolved into an extraordinary series of events unprecedented in modern American history, as hundreds and then thousands of Trump supporters, many wearing red Maga caps and some armed, barrelled past security barricades and bashed through the Capitol doors.

By nightfall, authorities said the Capitol had been secured.

Escorted by armed officers, Vice-president Mike Pence, who is presiding over the t session of Congress, senators and members of the House returned to their chambers to debate over an objection to the electoral college count. But the mood had shifted remarkably from that afternoon, when a band of Horny auburn sweetheart with steamy live show arrived on Capitol Hill prepared to lead a brazen, if futile, rebellion against certification.

Several Republican senators, unsettled by the violence that sent them scrambling under tables for protection, dropped their objections. Republican Senator Josh Hawley, a ringleader of the challenge, was undeterred.

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The Missouri Republican said he would still object to the in Pennsylvania, arguing that the earlier violence should not dismiss his concerns that fraud had occurred during the election. Amid the bedlam, one woman was fatally shot, the DC police confirmed. The building was placed on lockdown, vietnamsee the DC mayor imposed a rare 6pm curfew, as national guard troops were viefnamese. After initially urging his supporters to demonstrate at the Capitol, Trump, who has refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power, attempted to later appeal for calm.

But he free fuck buddy boise fueled edcort grievances by again baselessly attacking the integrity of the election. Teargas was deployed in the Capitol Rotunda as rioters shattered windows to enter the building. Members of Congress were given gas masks and escorted from the Capitol to their offices nearby.

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